Big Bob's Ultra TKT script


R. D. Villwock.  aka 'Big Bob'

Ultra TKT 1.06 Package (Rar)

Ultra TKT 1.06 Package (Zip)

Solo Instrument Performance Suite

This script uses an idea developed by Theodor Krueger and introduced by Kevin Tweedy to the K2 community. This technique, which has become known as the Theodor Krueger Technique, or the TKT for short, aims to provide a more musically realistic result when using sampled sounds to play passages that contain repeated notes in close proximity to each other - giving rise to what is often called the ‘Machine-Gun Effect’. The TKT attempts to minimize this problem by creating and sequencing through a series of alternate samples instead of playing a single sample over and over. The alternate samples are created by pitch-shifting up or down (as necessary) some of the nearby samples.

This implementation of the TKT borrows heavily from prior scripts written by Paul Waring and Jay Coover (aka fizbin) and attempts to combine some of their best features while also introducing a few new ideas. The new features include a 'full-cycle-random' sequencing mode that combines the best of random (no pairs) and round-robin. TKT triggering options include the usual 'Never' and 'Always' and what has previously been called 'Smart-Cycle' — which plays only the normal samples until 2 or more of the same note occur. This 2+ mode is also available now combined with a 'Trill' mode which activates the TKT when two or more of the same notes occur alternately (such as during a trill). There is also a new mode that allows the musician to control when the TKT is used — by assigning a MIDI controller as an on/off switch to enable or disable the TKT effect in real time.


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