Remapping Opus 1 keyswitches - a consistent mapping


I have made a complete remapping of the string, woodwind and brass instruments in Opus 1/Kontakt2. Opus 1 already has "standard_all" instruments that contains all articulations, but these are limited to only a forte velocity layer. Furthermore, they have only one variation of short notes and they lack release samples. I have built complete keyswitched instruments that contain all velocity layers, 1+2 variations and release samples.

I'm planning on also making a version with legato included in the instruments, and maybe implement a crossfade toggle that would let one toggle mod-wheel controlled velocity layer crossfading on and off using MIDI. I don't know yet how hard this would be, so I won't promise that I'll be able to do it.

Download the .nki files (Kontakt2 instruments):

All Combination instruments for Opus 1/K2 (zipped .nki files)

Installation: Extract the zip-file in your "OPUS 1\K2-Instruments" folder. After extracting it you should have a subfolder called "26 ALL" in the "K2-Instruments" folder that contains the remapped instruments.


A Lip trills / Pizzicato
A# Half tone trills
B Whole tone trills
C Staccato (1+2 alteration)
C# 0.3s Detaché (1+2 alteration)
D 0.5s Detaché (1+2 alteration)
D# Sustained, without vibrato
E Sustained, with vibrato
F Sustained, with progressive vibrato
F# Legato (not yet available)
G Fortepiano
G# Sforzato
A Sforzatissimo
A# Crescendo-diminuendo
B Flutter tonguing / Tremolo
C Flutter tonguing, crescendo
C# Marcato / Sustained with soft attack
D Release trigger - not yet implemented
D# Toggle crossfading - not yet implemented
E Legato repetition (in case the note is repeted) / Legato with previous note (the right ghost key is automatically played) - not yet implemented

Here's a chart of all instruments. Arrow indicates that the articulation is missing and that the keyswitch triggers the articulation that the arrow points towards. (Click the image to enlarge it)

Articulations that are missing for an instruments will trigger a similar articulation, eg. pressing the keyswitch for a 0.5s articulation will trigger the 0.3s articulation for most wind instruments. The instruments has a very consistent structure with well-named groups, so it's easy to apply effects to specific articulations. All keyswitching is managed by a script which gives a lot of flexibility. One can easily choose which octave where one wants the keyswitches to be positioned, or by editing the script one can also quickly remap all keyswitches to ones liking. The current script is just an early version and some features are still missing, so there will likely be new versions of it. The instruments themselves are complete though, so it suffices to load a new version of the script to take advantage of updates.